Here’s What I’ll Do For You

Expanded economic
opportunity and an end to runaway inflation.

We are rapidly becoming a nation of haves and have-nots, and income inequality is on the rise. I will fight for a level playing field for all Idahoans, an end to out-of-control inflation, and policies that promote economic equity, including fiscal responsibility, reduction of the debt, and bringing high-paying jobs back to Idaho and America.

A first-rate
education for all Americans.

As a teacher, I have seen first-hand that our schools are the heart and soul of our communities. They are absolutely critical to the task of raising engaged citizens who will sustain our democracy. But now our treasured public schools are under attack by those who would ignore our Constitutional charge to “provide a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools” and, instead, turn our schools and our schoolchildren into profit centers. The Idaho Legislature has the first responsibility for protecting and improving our schools, but Congress can and should be a partner in ensuring quality education at all levels.

High quality and affordable
healthcare for all.

As one who has lost a close family member to the rising cost of medical care, I believe it is our moral obligation to ensure that every American has access to affordable, high-quality health care. Right now, Americans spend more on health care than any other nation, with often less favorable outcomes. I will work to allow the U.S. to negotiate to lower prescription drug costs and foster competition, require price transparency from hospitals and insurance companies, cut waste and fraud, and expand telemedicine.

Our precious
voting rights.

The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy, and it is under attack. We must refuse all efforts to restrict our voting rights because if we do not, it will only be a matter of time before democracy itself is threatened. I will work to strengthen our nation by protecting voting rights, reducing the influence of money in politics and toughening ethics laws.

Stewardship of our natural resources

Our very lives depend on our natural resources. We must protect and improve the quality of our air and water, we must be good stewards of our public lands, and we must find sensible, collaborative solutions to resource competition, encourage job-friendly conservation, and invest in energy-saving innovation. Idahoans treasure their hunting, fishing and camping spots. I will resist all efforts to sell them off to the highest bidder and take them away from our citizens.

A safe and strong America

The world today is a dangerous place, and there is no guarantee that we will continue to be a beacon of light for free people everywhere. We must work closely and cooperatively with our allies, modernize our military, protect funding for law enforcement, and stand up to those who mean us harm.

Civil discourse and civic responsibility

It is up to all of us to work together in a civil manner and be involved in preserving our American system of freedom, liberty and justice. I cannot do it alone, and neither can anyone else, but I can and will stand up against those who would divide us in order to conquer and destroy our democracy. Please join me.